Stage II Water Supply Watch Issued

Although many of us enjoyed and continue to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather that was characteristic of this summer, it is important to acknowledge the impact that this has had on our environment. On September 3rd, UConn issued a Stage II Mandatory Water Conservation Alert due to dry conditions that have led to a reduction in stream flows. Our own Fenton River and many others have exhibited flow rates close to or below the lowest on record for this time of year. A drop in water level is known to have an inevitable cascade effect that can lead to the loss of thermal refuges and cold water fish, as well as the diminishment of river water quality.

It is imperative that we recognize that all environmental conditions, including droughts, affect everyone to some degree. Furthermore, everyone’s actions can either positively or negatively affect the situation at hand. Drought or no drought, UConn works to conserve water each and every day through a variety of efforts. The operation of the Reclaimed Water Facility and the installation of low flow shower heads and faucet aerators are just a few of our campus’s consistent approaches to water conservation.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that students, faculty, and staff on campus take additional measures to conserve water during this alert. Upon the issuance of the Stage II Water Supply Watch, mandatory conservations became and remain effective. These include restrictions on lawn watering, washing motor StopTheDropvehicles, and using water for dust control. Equally as important are the voluntary measures that we can all enact to conserve water throughout our daily routines. These measures include taking shorter showers, washing laundry in full loads, turning off the sink while brushing your teeth, and reporting leaky fixtures to “Stop the Drop.” We hope and expect that most members of the UConn community strive to implement these measures everyday despite the current dry conditions; however, if you are looking for a reason to begin conserving water, this is certainly the time.