A Bright Idea from UCONN and Eversource

lamp flyerThe start of the semester is looking bright, and we’re not talking about the glowing faces of the students strolling to their 8AM classes. We’re referring to the 4,500 LED lamps distributed to new and returning students this past weekend.

In past years, students picking up their textbooks at the Co-Op have been provided with fluorescent and LED bulbs; however, this year, UConn and Eversource exceeded all expectations with the allotment of energy efficient LED desk lamps. For those who do not know, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, deviate from CFLs and incandescent bulbs in their light production efficiency. LEDs expend 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs with a lifetime up to 25 times longer.

We are all very grateful to Eversource, UConn’s electric utility company, for its generous support. Apart from being energy efficient, the lamps distributed were eye-catching with a sleek design and UCONN logo in an array of colors. The built in USB port was also a great feature. It is no wonder that all 4,500 lamps were distributed by Day 3 of the event.

This success can be defined not only by the great amount of lamps given out, but by the message the event conveyed. To students and parents present, UConn’s commitment to the environment was made all so evident. This and other displays of effort and success are reflected in UConn’s #8 ranking in 2015 and consistent top ten ranking in Sierra’s Cool School annual sustainability survey of the greenest colleges and universities in the United States.new photo 2new photo 1

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  1. Where can we buy the UCONN LED desk lamp? I like my son’s so much, I’d like to have one for me!!

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