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Read more about UConn's standards for our vehicles and transportation methods for reducing our carbon pawprint!






Biking at UConn

UConn offers many opportunities for biking on campus, including the UConn Cycle Share with the Adventure Center (Storrs campus), bicycle repair, and student organizations. Read more below about the various engagement opportunities with biking at UConn.

Bicycle Working Group

The UConn Bicycle Working Group meets regularly to discuss and plan bicycle initiatives at UConn and presents recommendations to the TAC for potential implementation.

For questions about biking at UConn, please contact

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UConn Cycle Share

The UConn Adventure Center runs a bike share program where students may rent bikes out for a week or a semester. The Adventure Center is located in the new Student Recreation Center on the Storrs campus. It's simple to rent out a bike, just follow these steps:

  1. Login on with your net ID
  2. Select UConn Outdoors & click Bike Programs in the menu
  3. Choose your rental period
  4. Checkout and pick up your bike

Semester long rentals must be done in person. To rent a bike for the duration of the semester, go to the UConn Adventure Center during daily hours of operation.

Bike Repair

Bike Enforcement, Parking, & Use on Campus

Bike Groups, Clubs, & Resources

Local Bike Maps & Trails

The Town of Mansfield Bike Map features Mansfield parks and preserves, Bike Mansfield business members, and points of interest in the community. It includes suggested short bike rides, with distance and elevation information, as well as popular and bicycle-friendly routes throughout Mansfield. Check out the map here!

Additionally, the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources maintains multipurpose trails between Horsebarn Hill and the Fenton River, which includes a portion of the 41.5 mile long Nipmuck Trail. For more information and a trail map of the UConn Forest, check out these websites:

The Hillside Environmental Education Park has three trails: Red, Blue, and Yellow. These are accessible at trail entrances behind the IPB Building and by C Lot off of Discovery Drive. The map of HEEP Trails can be viewed here.

Other trail links:

No Idling Policy

In an effort to improve fleet fuel efficiency at the University of Connecticut, the following key benefits to promoting a no-idling practice on campus were identified:

  1. Economics: Saving fuel means less money spent.
  2. Human Health: Idling is usually done close to buildings, which can lead to poor air quality, especially indoors if idling is done close to building’s air intake.
  3. Environmental Benefits: Saving fuel means less emissions.
  4. Vehicle Durability: When idling, the engine is running at lower than its optimum operation temperature, which over time can cause problems.

A no-idling policy is a part of good stewardship and better environmental practices goals as well as a reduction to campus greenhouse gas emissions.

Click here for the CT Legislation on Idling and here for the CT DEEP Idling Outreach page.


Alternative Transportation

Aside from UConn's bus fleet and other university vehicles, there are a variety of other alternatives that are accessible from the Storrs campus. Uconn has connections with various transportation companies including WRTD, Peter Pan Bus Lines, Bradly International Airport, Amtrak, Cross Sound Ferry, and Enterprise. More information on UConn's alternative transportation options can be found on the Transportation Services Website.

U-Pass CT @ UConn (Hartford, Stamford, Storrs, and Waterbury)

All you need is a U-Pass CT and your UConn student ID to ride buses and trains in Connecticut. Get where you need to go without having to pay a fare! Read more about how to get and use a U-Pass below. Please Email Transportation Services with any questions.

WRTD Bus in Downtown Storrs

How to Use

Order online at and the pass will be mailed to you. Have your U-Pass and valid student ID ready when you board any of the following participating transit services, including the new CT transit bus between Storrs and Hartford. Schedules for this new service can be found at by searching for route #913, and the route map can be found here.

Conditions of Use

  1. U-Pass CT is valid for use by students enrolled at participating UConn campuses.
  2. U-Pass CT is valid for unlimited rides within Connecticut on local & express buses, CTfastrak, Shore Line East, intrastate New Haven Line and CT Rail Hartford Line services.
  3. This pass is not refundable or transferable.
  4. A valid UConn student ID must be shown at time of pass use.
  5. Do not fold, bend, or place near magnet. Lost, stolen, or destroyed passes should be reported to UConn Parking Services.
  6. U-Pass CT is valid for the period of time printed on the face of the pass.
Carpooling with CT Rides

Carpooling is a great option for commuters that helps reduce the cost and emissions of traveling long distances! CT Rides is a Carpooling system that is used across CT to help commuters find the best way to get to work or school throughout CT. CT Rides can help set you up with carpools, vanpools, buses, trains, biking/walking and teleworking solutions.

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Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) was developed in October 2022 to "address the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors." According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), active transportation refers to "any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation" (i.e. walking, biking). Read more about the ATP at the University Planning, Design and Construction webpage. For the full plan, click here.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There are many EV charging stations available across UConn campuses, in parking garages as well as student and faculty lots. Charging is available for $3 per hour for a maximum of 3 hours per day. To learn more, visit the Parking Services webpage regarding EV charging. To view the parking locations on the Storrs campus, check out the Interactive Parking Map.