EPAC Members: 2011-2012


Students & Alumni One-year terms
Alumni Representative Jeanine Gouin, Vice President, Milone & MacBroom
Undergraduate Student Representatives Christina Tobitsch, Environmental Science
Christopher Esposito, Economics & Chemistry
Graduate Student Representatives Karolina Fucikova, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Academic Administrators & Faculty Two-year terms
Dean Gregory Weidemann, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (CANR) (Delegate) John Volin, Department Head, Natural Resources & the Environment (NRE)
Dean Mun Choi, School of Engineering (SOE) (Delegate) Ross Bagtzoglou, Department Head, Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Dean Jeremy Teitelbaum, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) (Delegate) Kathy Segerson, Philip E. Austin Chair in Economics
Dean Jeremy Paul, UConn Law School (Delegate) Joseph MacDougald, Executive Director, Center for Energy & Environmental Law
At-Large Faculty Two-year terms
Marine Sciences/Geoscience Tim Byrne, Assoc. Professor & Co-Chair, Environmental Sciences Program
Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering Richard Parnas, Associate Professor & Director, Biofuel Consortium
Agriculture & Resource Economics Farhed Shah, Associate Professor
Political Science Mark Boyer, Professor  & Department Head
Center for Environmental Science & Engineering Mike Willig, Professor & Director
Geography Anji Seth, Assistant Professor & Climatologist
EcoHouse, Faculty Director Mark Westa, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture
Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence (C2E2) Prabhakar Singh, Professor & Director
President’s Office Two-year terms
University Communications Dave Martel, Associate Vice President
(Delegate) Sheila Foran, News and Information Associate
Community Relations Richard Orr, Executive Officer
University Operations Rich Gray, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Athletics Department Evan Feinglass, Assistant Director, Athletic Operations
Senior Operational Staff Standing Member
Architectural Engineering & Building Services Ken Egeberg, Assoc. Vice President
Office of University Planning Alexandria Roe, Director
Facilities Gene Roberts, Director
Environmental Health & Safety Terence Monahan, Director
(Delegate) Stefan Wawzyniecki, Chemical Safety Manager
At-Large Members Two-year terms
Central Stores & Motor Pool Wayne Landry, Manager
Center for Land Use Education & Research (CLEAR) Chet Arnold, Water Quality Educator Co-Founder, CLEAR and NEMO
Department of Residential Life Steve Kremer, Asst. Vice President & Director
Department of Dining Services Dennis Pierce, Director
Division of Student Affairs Chuck Morrell, Assoc. Director, Student Union Chairman, Student Affairs Sustainability Committee
Avery Point Campus Michael Alfultis, AVP & Regional Director
Transportation, Logistics & Parking Services William Wendt, Director