EPAC Members: 2009-2010


Students & Alumni One-year terms
Alumni Representative Jeanine Armstrong Bonin, P.E.
Milone & MacBroom
Undergraduate Student Representatives Danielle Lanslots, Environmental Sciences
Ethan Butler, Engineering
Graduate Student Representatives Karolina Fucikova, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Academic Administrators & Faculty Two-year terms
Dean Gregory Weidemann
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (CANR)
(Delegate) John Volin, Department Head
Natural Resources & the Environment (NRE)
Dean Mun Choi
School of Engineering (SOE)
(Delegate) Ross Bagtzoglou, Department Head
Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Dean Jeremy Teitelbaum
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS)
(Delegate) Kathy Segerson
Philip E. Austin Chair in Economics
Dean Jeremy Paul
UConn Law School
 (Delegate) Kurt Strasser
Phillip I Blumberg Professor of Law
At-Large Faculty Two-year terms
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Dave Wagner, Professor
Marine Sciences/Geoscience Tim Byrne, Assoc. Professor & Co-Chair, Environmental Sciences Program
Natural Resources & the Environment Jack Clausen, Professor & Co-Chair Environmental Sciences Program
Chemical, Materials and Biomolecular Engineering Richard Parnas, Associate Professor & Director, Biofuel Consortium
Plant Science/Landscape Architecture Kristin Schwab, Assoc. Professor
Center for Environmental Science & Engineering Mike Willig, Professor & Director
Geography Anji Seth, Assistant Professor & Climatologist
EcoHouse Faculty Director Mark Westa, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture
President’s Office Two-year terms
University Communications Jim Walter, Associate Vice President
Community Relations Steve Rhodes, Executive Assistant to the President and Co-Chair, Town/University Relations Committee
University Operations Barry Feldman, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Athletics Department Vaughn Williams, Asst. Athletic Director, Athletic Operations
Senior Operational Staff Standing Member
Facilities Operations Eugene Roberts, Director
Architectural & Engineering Services Alexandria Roe, Director, Planning & Program Development
Environmental Health & Safety Stefan Wawzyniecki, Chemical Safety Manager
At-Large Members Two-year terms
Central Stores & Motor Pool Wayne Landry, Manager
Center for Land Use Chet Arnold, Water Quality Educator
Education & Research (CLEAR) Co-Founder, CLEAR and NEMO
Department. of Residential Life Steve Kremer, Asst. Vice President & Director
(Delegate) Amy Crim, Administrative Manager
Department of Dining Services Dennis Pierce, Director
Division of Student Affairs Chuck Morrell, Assoc. Director, Student Union Chairman, Student Affairs Sustainability Committee
Regional Campus Representative Tom DuGuay, Senior Associate Director, Avery Point Campus