EPAC Members: 2005-2006


Students & Alumni One-year terms
Alumni Representative Mike Curtis – Sr. VP, Fuss & O’Neill
Undergraduate Student Representatives Kevin Goulding, Economics
Christopher Shores, Civ & Env Eng
Graduate Student Representatives Krista Osterberg, NRME (MS student)
Ken Barber, EEB (PhD student)
Meg Ruta, Geography (MS student)
Academic Administrators & Faculty Two-year terms
Dean for the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Kirk Kerr
(Alternate) Ian Hart, Assoc. Dean
Dean for the College of Engineering (Delegate) Nelly Abboud, Assoc. Professor, Env. Engineering
Dean for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Delegate) Kathy Segerson, Economics
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate School of Education (Delegate) Doug Stone, Director, Animal Research
Dean of the Law School (Delegate) Kurt Strasser, Professor
At-Large Faculty Two-year terms
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Eric Schultz, Assoc. Professor & Co-Chair, Env. Sci. Program
Marine Sciences/Geoscience Tim Byrne, Assoc. Professor
Geography Melinda Daniels, Asst. Professor
Natural Resource Mngmt & Engineering Jack Clausen, Assoc. Professor and Interim Director, ERI
President’s Office Two-year terms
University Relations Scott Brohinsky, Director
Community Relations Tom Callahan, Special Asst. to President
University Operations Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Athletics Department Vaughn Williams, Asst. AD, Athletic Oper.
Senior Administrative Staff Standing Member
Director, Facilities Operation Gene Roberts
Director, Environmental Health & Safety Frank Labato (Chair, C&BP Subcommittee; Alternate, Stefan Wayzniecki, Chemical Safety Mgr)
Exec. Director, Arch. & Engineering Services (Acting) George Kraus
Director of Purchasing & Central Stores Sharon Alexander
At-Large Members One-year terms
CT Museum of Natural History & CT Archaeology Center Carol Davidge, Public Information Coordinator
Energy Manager Al Lewandowski
Regional Campus Representative Edna McBreen, Assoc. Vice Provost, Director, Tri-Campus
Associate Director, Center for Land Use Education & Research Chet Arnold (Chair, LUSD Subcommittee)
Dept. of Residential Life (Delegate) Dennis Comprone
Dept. of Dining Services Dennis Pierce, Director