Red’s Best – Sustainable Fish at UConn

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Red’s Best

This year, UConn students can enjoy the white fish delicacies provided by the dining halls knowing that they are making an eco-friendly choice. Thanks to recent initiatives taken by Dining Services, the University has begun sourcing 60-70% of its fish purchases locally through Red’s Best, a company in Massachusetts that ensures quick and fresh fish delivery to regional buyers.

Making the move to purchase locally is positive for the environment because it helps to minimize carbon emissions associated with transportation. Focusing specifically on the fish industry, strict purchasing demands can be difficult to meet without long shipping journeys made by planes, boats, or trucks. With the help of Red’s Best, UConn has bypassed this transportation problem through buying the “daily catch,” a flexible assortment of fresh fish caught daily in Massachusetts.

Beyond the locality of UConn’s fish, whitefish dishes yield other environmental benefits as well. Compared to beef operations, which emit 11.3 to 18.3 tons of CO2 for each ton of “live weight” meat produced, wild-harvest fisheries emit an average of only 2.3 tons of CO2.* Because of this, eating fish can be a good alternative for students trying to reduce their carbon footprints.