UConn Environmental Advisor Dr. Gene E. Likens

LikensOn Monday, October 19th, members of the Office of Environmental Policy and Environmental Compliance met with Dr. Gene E. Likens to discuss UConn’s water plan and ongoing campus sustainability initiatives. Dr. Likens, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, was named Special Advisor to the UConn President on Environmental Affairs in July 2012. In this position, he serves as an advisor to faculty, staff, and students on topics of environmental policy, with a focus on increasing awareness of, and involvement in, current environmental issues through research and education. Dr. Likens has directed much of his attention to researching the ecology and biochemistry of forest and aquatic ecosystems, as well as the effects of land-use practices, particularly in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. He was among the first scientists to discover acid rain in North America, and received the 2001 National Medal of Science, a testament to his work in the field of ecology. More information about Dr. Likens and his honors, publications, and vitae can be found at http://www.caryinstitute.org/science-program/our-scientists/dr-gene-e-likens