Football Green Game Day 2015


“I would describe the experience as nothing short of eye opening.” – Sara Wegher, volunteer

Last Saturday, September 26th, the collective efforts of the Office of Environmental Policy and students from EcoHusky, EcoHouse, and the Honors Program generated yet another successful Green Game Day. As the UConn Huskies faced off against Navy, our volunteers strived to collect as many recyclables as possible, educated tailgaters about recycling, and discussed with them the various sustainability initiatives at UConn. As stated by one of our volunteers, Caroline Anastasia, “The people who allowed us to educate them were very grateful.” The outcome of the football game may not have been desirable; however, the 1,520 pounds of recyclables collected, and the wealth of knowledge spread, can certainly be considered a victory.

Pictured below are teams of volunteers collecting recyclables, and members of the OEP educating fans about sustainability and recycling. We would like to thank all of the volunteers for their hard work, as well as the students, alumni, and families for being so receptive and appreciative of our goals.

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