5 Reasons to Check out SolarizeU

With recent media hype surrounding the mind-blowing Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered plane set to travel around the globe, it is clear that this renewable energy source has come a long way since it first appeared commercially in the ‘50s [1].  Over the last century, photovoltaic (PV) technology has developed immensely, playing an increasingly significant role in environmental initiatives to move away from fossil fuels and mitigate climate change.  Unfortunately, opportunities for everyday homeowners to solarize have seemed few and far between.

Luckily for Connecticut residents, UConn has been selected to participate in Solarize U – a program that allows state homeowners to get involved in the solar movement.  Through Solarize U, CT locals can implement PV technology in their own homes at low rates from reputable solar installers.

Interested in learning more?  Here are the top five reasons why you should check out Solarize U for yourself.

1.) Save money on your electric bill

By installing solar panels on your home, you will immediately begin to generate your own electricity.  As you make payments towards your loan or purchase, you will be generating enough electricity from your solar panels to be cash-flow positive.  Additionally, excess electricity produced in your home can be sold back to the grid at the end of year.

2.) Receive the lowest installation rates on the market

Currently, solar panel installation rates range widely from company to company.  How do you know if you’re getting a good deal?  Through SolarizeU, Connecticut residents automatically receive some of the best rates on the market with the programs pre-screened installers.

3.) It’s easy

SolarizeU has created a simple, online process for taking the next steps towards going solar. All you need to do is head to UConn’s “EnergySage” website to get started.

          Step 1: Register online

               – Register and complete your property profile

          Step 2: Pre-screened installers submit quotes online

               – Installers compete for your business

          Step 3: Compare quotes online

               – Pick the best quote for you and save with solar!

4.) There’s no obligation

If you decide against all of the solar quote options, no worries!  Solar installers will only contact you if you so request.

5.) Combat climate change

Climate change has become a major issue on the environmental forefront.  Through using solar power as your home’s energy source, you will be decreasing your carbon footprint and releasing less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  Help do your part in saving the environment!

Act fast!  The program ends on June 30th.solarize

If you have further questions, please contact Bernie Pelletier and Kate Donnelly, Solarize U Outreach Managers, at bpelletier@smartpower.org and kdonnelly@smartpower.org respectively, or call the Office of Environmental Policy at (860) 486-5773.

[1] http://www.sunlightelectric.com/pvhistory.php