UConn joins Workplace Charging Challenge

logoLast month, UConn’s Office of Environmental Policy joined the company of many other universities, large companies and institutions by signing the U.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to have the number of U.S. employers offering workplace charging to increase tenfold by 2018. By joining, UConn shows a commitment to providing charging station access to employees, assessing demand for charging stations, establishing a workplace charging plan, and sharing workplace charging progress and best practices to other institutions. UConn already fits the basic criteria for this challenge with three active Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and one on the way. These charging stations are located in the Motor Pool parking lot off of North Hillside vanRoad and in North Garage. Benefits for joining the Workplace Charging Challenge include informational resources and technical assistance for EV charging stations, assistance in assessing the feasibility of charging stations, exchange of information and networking with other organizations, and recognition of UConn’s EV charging station progress.

Signing the Workplace Charging Challenge is great for the university as it promotes an initiative we’ve already invested in!