The State of the OEP Blog

The UConn Office of Environmental Policy’s blog began in 2011, and has since accumulated over 20,150 views. Covering topics such as outreach events, study abroad experiences, news, and achievements, it has provided students, faculty, and community members alike with a wealth of informative, eye-catching reports. We are only a month or so into 2015, and the OEP blog has acquired more views during that time than all of 2011!  If that doesn’t impress you, you should also know that the blog reached 114 countries last year alone and 131 countries over the course of its existence. Individuals have found their way to the page from a variety of different sources, the top being Facebook and the OEP website. If you have not yet had the chance to read through some blog posts, you are missing out.  Tune in for new posts weekly!

All countries that have viewed the OEP blog (Left) and the top 20 countries by number of views (Right).