Are You Ready to Ignite?

Ignite is UConn’s second annual crowd-funding competition. It gives UConn students and young alumni the opportunity to follow, connect with, and support causes at the University of Connecticut that they are most passionate about. UConn alumnus, David Barton ’61, is helping sponsor the competition to promote philanthropy and to engage campus wide participation. This year, UConn alumnus Adam Schwartz ’97 is joining David in helping to sponsor the competition. Select groups are now competing for prizes ranging from $500 to $10,000. Participating groups in the Ignite competition can be viewed here:

Who Can Benefit?

Donations to our cause go directly to the Campus Sustainability Fund. This fund supports programs and initiatives which raise environmental awareness at UConn including recycling, composting, water and energy conservation, and large environmental awareness events such as Green Game Day and Earth Day.  These events help students learn to be environmental stewards positively affect society and become our future leaders.

The Campus Sustainability Fund was established to help the Office of Environmental Policy create a more sustainable campus. Support for the fund will ensure that UConn will continue to be a leader in sustainability throughout the country. Past donations have helped UConn reach Sierra Magazine’s #1 coolest school ranking, but we need continued support to maintain our efforts.

This year, in response to a survey sent to students, faculty, and staff which identified recycling as the top environmental concern on campus, we are trying to win Ignite prize money to help improve recycling access on  campus!

How to Participate?

Groups were pre-selected to participate in the Ignite competition through an application process. The Office of Environmental Policy’s cause is to support Environmental Awareness and Initiatives at UConn through the cause “Students for Sustainability”. If you are passionate about environmental issues and would like to help your university continue its sustainability efforts, please sign up as a donor today! The winning causes will be selected based on the highest number of student and young alumni donor participants, highest number of overall donors each week, and highest number of dollars raised at the end of the competition. Every dollar counts!

You can donate directly to our page here: Students for Sustainability – Ignite Challenge

We will be tabling on March 5th from 10 AM to 3 PM in the Student Union.

Continue to look for our cause on social media as well!

–          Chris and Meredith