2018 Environmental Leadership Awards


Undergraduate Student: Benjamin Breslau ('18 EEB)

Graduate Student: Georgia Hernandez-Corrales ('19 MS, EEB)

Faculty: Dr. Jack Clausen (NRE), Dr. Dave Wagner (EEB),  Dr. Carol Atkinson-Palombo (Geography, EVST)

Staff: Len Oser (UConn Bookstore)

External Partner: Quantum Biopower

UConn Group: EcoHusky Student Group

Lifetime Achievement (Inaugural): Dr. Gregory Anderson (Emeritus, EEB, former VP Graduate Research & Ed.)

Greg Anderson
Environmental pioneer Dr. Gregory Anderson received the inaugural Lifetime Achievement award for his legacy of work spanning four decades at UConn.

Greg Anderson also delivered an inspiring keynote address to a full house of award winners, runners up, finalists and nominators during UConn’s 6th ELAs, held at the UConn Foundation on April 4th, 2019.


Undergraduate Student: Xinyu Lin ('20 Civil Engineering)

Graduate Student: Nasya Al-Saidy (Ph.D. Candidate, Econ.)

Faculty: Jonathan Mellor (ENVE)

Staff: Elaina Hancock (Communications)

External Partner: Coca-Cola

UConn Group: USG Sustainability Sub-Committee


Undergraduate Student: Taylor Mayes ('18 EVST & Poli.Sci.)

Graduate Student: Joshua Litwin ('18 MBA)

Staff: Dianisi Torres (Extension, Food & Nutrition Program)

UConn Group: HEEP Trail Dedication & Signage Team, UConn Climate Corps

Special Recognition

Dr. John Volin (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs)

Sena Wazer (15-year old Mansfield, CT Environmental Activist)

John Volin
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Dr. John Volin was recognized for his ongoing support for all things environmental at UConn.

2017-2018 ELA Ceremony Slides

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Selection Committee

This group of individuals sacrificed their personal time to outline the criteria by which these awards would be determined, the selection process, and the associated awards ceremony.  By agreeing to serve on the committee, these environmentally dedicated individuals forfeited their right to vote on any awards for which they might be nominated.  Special thanks is owed to each for their commitment to this process.

Name Department
Patricia Fazio Associate VP for University Communications
Rich Miller Director, Office of Environmental Policy
William Wendt Director, Logistics Administration
Sean Vasington Associate Director of Planning and Design
Patrick McKee Sustainability Program Manager
Stanley Nolan Director, Utility Operations & Energy Management
Lisa Park Boush Director of  Center for Integrative Geosciences
Nikki Pirtel Undergraduate Student
Christopher Bruno Graduate Student
*Faculty Award Special Consultants
Oksan Bayulgen Associate Professor of Political Science
Richard Parnas Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Chester Arnold, Jr. Director, Center for Land Use Education & Research