2016 Environmental Leadership Awards


Undergraduate Student: Emily McInerney

Graduate Student: David Wanik

Team: NEMO Rain Garden Outreach Team

UConn Student Group: Spring Valley Student Farm

UConn Staff Group: Dining Services

Environmental Partner: Christopher Mason

Staff: Julia Cartabiano

Alumni: Dr. Michael Dietz

Faculty: Dr. James O'Donnell

Special Recognition: Dr. Cameron Faustman and Jillian Ives


Undergraduate Student: Luc Dang and Cameron Mitchell

Graduate Student: Neil Oculi, Jeremy Jelliffe, and Simona Augyte

Team: COP21 Planning Team

UConn Student Group: Honors Council

UConn Staff Group: Water Pollution Control Facility and Reclaimed Water Facility

Environmental Partner: Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)

Alumni: Dana Boyer

Faculty: Dr. Phoebe Godfrey and Dr. Morty Ortega


This group of individuals gave up a significant amount of their personal time to outline the criteria by which these awards would be determined, the nomination process, and the associated awards ceremony.  By agreeing to serve on the committee, these environmentally dedicated individuals forfeited their right to vote on any awards for which they might be nominated.  The University and the Office of Environmental Policy recognizes their importance of their participation, without which the 2016 Awards could not have been successful, and thanks them for their dedication to this process.

Name Department
Patricia Fazio VP for Brand Strategy, University Communications
Rich Miller Director, Office of Environmental Policy
William Wendt Director, Logistics Administration
Sean Vasington Associate Director, Landscape Architecture
Sarah Munro Sustainability Program Coordinator
Anji Seth Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography
Maria Chrysochoou Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rose Croog Graduate Student, Resource Economics

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