2012 Environmental Leadership Awards


Undergraduate Student: Tanner Burgdorf

Graduate Student: Udayarka Karra

UConn Group: EcoHouse & Spring Valley Student Farm

Staff: Dennis Pierce

Faculty: Allison MacKay

UConn Student Group: UConn Chapter of Engineering Without Borders (Nicaragua Team)

Alumni: Christopher Bellucci

Regional Campus: David Porteous

Team: UConn's Retro-Commissioning and Re-lamping Team

Honorable Mentions

Undergraduate Student: Bryan Flanaghan and Jennifer Hayes

Graduate Student: Corinna Fleischmann

UConn Group: Office of University Planning, CIMA Organizing Committee, Arboretum Committee, Climate Change Adaptation Force, and President's Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility

Staff: Colleen Spurlock and Scott Gallo

Faculty: Gary Robbins, Joseph Bushey, Patricia Bergman, Peter Luh and Phoebe Godfrey


Regional Campus: Syma Ebbin

Team: EV Initiative Team, UConn Cycles Team, Green Parking Lots Team and Fuel Cell at the Depot Campus Team


Engagement - ELA - 2012 groupUndergraduate Student: Nirav Patel

Graduate Student: Carlo Santoro

UConn Group: Center for Clean Energy Engineering

Staff: Douglas Goodstein

Faculty: Charlotte Rand

Regional Campus: Michael Alfultis

Team: Compost Facility


This group of individuals gave up a significant amount of their personal time to outline the criteria by which these awards would be determined, the nomination process, and the associated awards ceremony.  By agreeing to serve on the committee, these environmentally dedicated individuals forfeited their right to vote on any awards for which they might be nominated.  The University and the Office of Environmental Policy recognizes their importance of their participation, without which the 2012 Awards could not have been successful, and thanks them for their dedication to this process.

Name Department
Michael Alfultis Regional Director at Avery Point
Chester Arnold Jr. Center for Land Use Education and Research
David Martel Associate VP, University Communications
Dennis Pierce Director of Dining Services
Dr. Prabhakar Singh Director, Center for Clean Energy Engineering
Mark Westa Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Faculty Director, EcoHouse
Dr. Michael Willig Director, Center of Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Laura Dunn Vice President, EcoHusky Student Group
Richard Miller Director, Office of Environmental Policy
Emily Udal OEP Intern, Environmental Leadership Awards Coordinator

Click here to view the 2012 ELA presentation and the awards ceremony brochure.