2005 Environmental Leadership Awards


Undergraduate Student: Meghan Ruta

Graduate Student: Mark Hood

UConn Group: Ctr. for Land Use Education & Research (CLEAR)

Staff: John Wheeler

Faculty: Joseph Helble

Alumni: Mark Carabetta

Teams: Biodiesel Team, Towers Rain Garden Team, Campus Bicycle Plan Team


Undergraduate Student: Katy Barlow, Anatoly Geyfman, Greg Magoon, Melanie Murphy, David Parmalee, Geoff Picard, Kate Wadach

Graduate Student: Ken Barber, Carol Curchoe, Joanna Domka, C. Patrick Heidkamp, Dan Mullins

UConn Group: Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, Horse Environmental Awareness Program (HEAP), UConn Soil & Water Conservation Society

Staff: Joan Bothell, Dennis Comprone

Faculty: Felix Coe, Melinda Daniels, Gary Robbins, David Schroeder, Kathleen Segerson

Alumni: Cheryl Chase


Several members of the EPAC representative volunteered to sit upon the Environmental Leadership Awards Committee.  In addition, one graduate student intern and one undergraduate student intern agreed to participate as student representatives.  This group of individuals gave up a significant amount of their personal time to outline the criteria by which these awards would be determined, the nomination process, and the associated awards ceremony.  By agreeing to serve on the committee, these environmentally dedicated individuals forfeited their right to receive any awards for which they might be nominated.  The University and the Office of Environmental Policy recognizes their importance of their participation, without which the 2005 Awards could not have been successful, and thanks them for their dedication to this process.

Name Department
Sharon Alexander Purchasing & Central Stores -- Director
Greg Anderson Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – Professor and Department Head; EPAC Delegate
Scott Brohinsky University Relations, Director; EPAC Representative
Joe Comprone Associate Vice Chancellor, Avery Point Regional Campus; EPAC Delegate
Francine Dew UConn Health Center
Frank Labato Environmental Health & Safety, Director; EPAC Representative
Rich Miller Office of Environmental Policy, Director
Melanie Murphy Office of Environmental Policy Intern; Undergraduate Student
Richard Parker UConn Law School, Faculty
Rachel Rubin Compliance & Ethics, Counsel;  EPAC Representative
Phoenix Young Graduate Student