Are you the owner of an electric vehicle?  The University of Connecticut recognizes the importance and efficiency of both hybrid and fully electric alternative fuel vehicles.  Grants have been acquired to allow UConn to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations around the Storrs Campus including one in the Motor Pool parking lot, two in North Garage, and two in South Garage.  All stations located on campus are free of charge for public use for the first 5 years of operation.

Transportation - garageEVIn addition to the campus stations, there are 4 more charging stations in the parking garage off of Dog Lane in Downtown Storrs, as well as one in the parking lot of the Mansfield Community Center.  These stations charge $1/hour of charging to the public, or a flat rate of $3 per charge for residents with a garage pass.

Purchasing Guidelines

UConn is currently working to increase the number of hybrid and electric vehicles in our fleet through updating our purchasing guidelines to reflect recent advances in automobile technology.

New Bike Sharing Program

The new UConn bike sharing program is in the works and coming soon. Check back for updates!


Extra Tools: Find a SmartWay Vehicle