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Environmental Literacy Courses

UConn has adopted an Environmental Literacy GenEd requirement for all undergraduate students, meaning that all first-year and some continuing students will be required to pass at least one three-credit Environmental Literacy course. Sustainability learning outcomes are included in all of the following courses that satisfy the GenEd requirement:

List of Environmental Literacy (E) Courses

Academic Plans

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Environmental Majors

Agricultural Education
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture and Resource Economics
Animal Science
Biodiversity & Conservation Biology
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Coastal Studies
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Health
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Health Care Management
Landscape Architecture
Molecular and Cell Biology
Natural Resources
Nutritional Science
Physiology and Neurobiology
Real Estate/Urban Economics
Resource Economics
Science Education
Turfgrass and Soil Science
Urban and Community Studies
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