Similar to EcoMadness in the fall semester, RecycleThon is a month-long competition run by the Office of Sustainability that focuses on proper recycling practices. Participating residence halls compete to see which one recycles the best!  Each week, the EcoCaptain for each residence hall/area conducts a recycling audit to assess if students are disposing of their waste properly.

The dorm standings are updated once per week during the competition so participants can keep track of their progress over the four weeks of the competition. At the end of the competition, the residence hall that recycles the best wins free Dairy Bar ice cream!!

Learn more about recycling on campus, recycle to the best of your abilities, and take home bragging rights as the best recyclers on campus – plus free ice cream!

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Recycling guidelines

Do not recycle

Previous Competitions


1st Trumbull/Morgan/Sousa/Lafayette (Towers) - 97
2nd Jefferson/Colt (Towers) - 96
3rd Chandler (West) - 94


1st Hurley (97.5)
2nd Grange (95)
3rd Alsop (92.67)


1st Sprague (99)
2nd Brock (95)
3rd Buckley (91)


1st Fenwick (90)
2nd Buckley (86)
3rd Hurley (85)


1st Hanks (83)
2nd Alsop (81)
3rd Shakespeare/Troy (71)