Lillian Adamo




Lillian Adamo

Senior Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability

Major: Environmental Science & Political Science, '24

OS Activities: Team Management, Event Planning, EcoCaptain Intern Program, Sustainability Reporting, Community Outreach

Year joined the OS: Fall 2021


My name is Lilly Adamo and I am a senior majoring in environmental science and political science. This is my second year as a sustainability intern. Growing up I was always passionate about the environment, I spent a lot of time outside and truly valued nature, and I naively assumed this was the case for everyone. I think I became first truly aware of the magnitude and scope of climate change in AP environmental science in my junior year of high school. One specific moment was learning about the carbon dioxide monitoring at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. I was told that reaching 420 ppm was a point of no return, a value that seems likely in our near future.

I am passionate about the interaction of policy, planning and the environment because there needs to be a comprehensive as well as multifaceted approach to fully address the climate crisis. Originally, I was very individualistic in my actions and tried to enact as much change as possible on an individual level, but I have now realized the importance and power of collective action and collaboration. Especially in an interdisciplinary field, like sustainability and environmental science. That is why I am committed to continuing to educate myself through academic as well as experiential pursuits. This year I hope to continue to empower the Office of Sustainability initiatives to create lasting and structural change to promote sustainable practices and address the climate crisis.