Jackie Flaherty




Jackie Flaherty

Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability

jacqueline.flaherty@uconn.edu  |

Majors: Marketing & Urban and Community Studies

OS Activities: Event Planning, Communications, EcoCaptain Internship Program, Community Outreach, Social Media, Sustainability Reporting

Year joined the OS: Fall 2022


My name is Jackie Flaherty and I am a second-year marketing and urban & community studies major. Outside of the Office of Sustainability, I am the secretary of EcoHusky, a copyeditor for The Daily Campus, and a member of the UConn Honors Program. Some of my hobbies include running, baking, singing, and listening to film scores. I am interested in making sustainable living more accessible, especially through environmentally conscious urban development. But, I understand that such large-scale change is best sparked in local communities via environmental and digital media literacy efforts. That is why I am committed to understanding how cities can prioritize the well-being of both the environment and their residents, while also providing educational outreach through engaging learning opportunities. It can feel daunting to challenge well-established economic and social structures, making it important to remain both conscious and supportive of the very individuals that changemakers are striving to help. This school year, I hope to maintain an active Office of Sustainability digital media presence to promote greater environmental literacy among the UConn community. Additionally, I plan on increasing the accessibility of sustainable living by helping the Office of Sustainability to organize engaging events for the student body. These events will demonstrate how an environmentally conscious lifestyle is both exciting and achievable through even the smallest of actions.