Dylan Steer




Dylan Steer

Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability

dylan.steer@uconn.edu  |

Majors: Environmental Studies & Political Science

OS Activities: Event Planning, Community Outreach, Sustainability Reporting, Zero Waste, Education

Year joined the OS: Fall 2022


My name is Dylan Steer. I am an Environmental Studies and Political Science double major here at UConn. I was born in Ankara, Turkey and moved to the U.S. when I was a year and a half years old. I have family both in Turkey and in England, who I visit when I am able. Some of my hobbies include playing board games, thrifting, and watching films. To me, one of the most important components of sustainability is its intersectionality. One of my favorite parts of being involved in sustainability is how easily I am able to connect to others through the realm of sustainability. But through my experience working to bring about sustainable change in my community, both at home and on campus, I’ve found just how insurmountable a task making progress can be if taken on alone. That’s why I am extremely excited to be working as a part of a phenomenal team at the Office of Sustainability. I know that my peers are uniquely qualified for the difficult tasks ahead, each of them with the vision to imagine a better campus and the passion to see it through.