Claire Lee




Claire Lee

Senior Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability

Majors: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Political Science, '24

OS Activities: Communications, Social Media, Event Planning, Team Management

Year joined the OS: Fall 2022


My name is Claire, and I am a senior pursuing a dual degree in political science and ecology and evolutionary biology on the pre-law track. The sky was the limit for me growing up, as I strived to try everything and anything possible within my reach. Throughout my childhood until the end of my high school years, I immersed myself in the arts, taking dance lessons, making art with family and friends, and enrolling in violin lessons. I also enjoyed dabbling in the sciences in the educational setting and at home, trying at-home experiments and reading about scientific topics, which first introduced me to terms like climate change and sustainability; from there marked the start of my journey of involvement with environmentalism and sustainability. I educated myself on longstanding environmental topics beyond the surface-level science of climate change, such as environmental racism and green technological advancements, and sought out opportunities throughout college to apply this knowledge and tangibly address these issues. From a political standpoint, I was intrigued by how environmental policies are developed and implemented, and how the legal field serves as a safeguard against environmental violations, leading to my future career path choice. I realized two important takeaways while drawing from these experiences: the field of environmentalism is beautifully multifaceted, but our solutions must be too. Combining the powers of different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and knowledge, I am committed to understanding the bigger picture and seeking out effective climate action from multiple perspectives and strategies. It is imperative that all voices are heard in the call for climate action to our world's leaders and stakeholders in our planet's sustainability.