Ashley Taffe




Ashley Taffe

Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability  |

Major: Political Science, '26

Minor: Human rights

OS Activities: Event Planning, Community Outreach, Interdisciplinary Connections

Year joined the OS: Fall 2023


My name is Ashley Taffe. I am a political science major and human rights minor here at UConn. Growing up I wasn’t always interested in the environment or sustainability. My focus was always more centered around equality and cultural revolutions. However in studying those in high school, I realized that everything and everyone is connected. People of color and low income people, especially those living in poverty are extremely affected by lack of sustainable practices and environmental degradation. Learning about how wild, natural spaces that our ancestors once cultivated are disappearing for our children is disheartening, and even more disheartening to hear that so many people have ignored this problem for so long. I hope to be part of the generation that takes a stand and decides that our world, our health, our communities, our environment is worth fighting for, through policies, science and every person doing their part for the earth.