Andy Zhang




Andy Zhang

Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability  |

Majors: Environmental Science & Economics, '26

OS Activities: Event Planning, Community Outreach, Professional Development, Education, Sustainability Reporting

Year joined the OS: Fall 2023


My name is Andy Zhang and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Connecticut majoring in environmental science and economics. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to make my impact on the environment. I considered analyzing data samples in research labs, fighting for policy changes, and a thousand other possibilities. No matter what I just couldn’t seem to find my specialty within the field of environmental science. However, that changed as I understood more and more about the direct impact businesses have on the environment. For this reason, I am dedicated to understanding the intersection of business and the environment through my interdisciplinary coursework as well as my professional work to create sustainable economic and environmental solutions for all parties involved. In the coming year, I aim to deepen my knowledge and understanding of UConn’s sustainable practices as well as promote sustainability initiatives throughout campus as an intern at the Office of Sustainability. Additionally, my commitment towards a greener, more equitable future has driven me to pursue work in related organizations like the Natural Resources Conservation Academy, where I strive to empower high school students to carry out place-based, environmental action projects in their own communities. I aspire to gain valuable experience from these positions that will develop necessary lifelong interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork, and effective communication that can be incorporated in future career professions such as Sustainability Manager and Head of Sustainability Operations.