Amogh Chaubey




Amogh Chaubey

Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability  |

Major: Computer Science

OS Activities: Event Planning, Sustainability Reporting, Data Analysis, Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Zero Waste

Year joined the OS: Fall 2022


Hi! My name is Amogh Chaubey, and I'm a junior studying computer science and mathematics. This is my second year as a sustainability intern, and like many of my peers, I grew up naturally interested in the environment and sustainability. While I could trace my interest in the environment back to catching fireflies in my backyard when I was six years old, I would say my climate journey started out in high school where I helped organize climate strikes in Indianapolis and worked with the U.S. Youth Climate Strike movement. I also spent time working in labs that were conducting local environmental research at Purdue. I knew I wanted to make a bigger contribution to the push for sustainability and zero emissions, and that is exactly why I applied to work at the Office of Sustainability. Nowadays, my greatest areas of interest in sustainability are green technology, climate data analysis, environmental policy, and environmental justice. I'm interested in the nuanced world of sustainability -- what emissions data actually looks like, the various sources of those emissions, how our energy is generated, and how to find the gaps where we can reduce UConn's footprint.

The whole world has a very large duty to bear in the next decade. We have to come together and prevent future damage to the environment, revitalize communities that are currently being devastated by climate change, unify and fight as one team front, and create lasting structural change. This year I hope to continue to empower the Office of Sustainability initiatives to create lasting and structural change to promote sustainable practices and address the climate crisis change. My goal for this year is to understand the bigger picture and help us get there.