Green Game Day

The Athletics Department has worked together with the Office of Sustainability to promote recycling at all of its sports venues since 2008. Each year, students from environmental groups/clubs and EcoHouse living and learning community have been invited to football, men's basketball, and women's basketball games to encourage fans to recycle, which have been dubbed the Green Game Days.

Green Game Day at Gampel Pavilion (Spring 2020)

Green Game Day 2020

Volunteers joined the Sustainability Interns for the annual basketball Green Game Days on February 22nd & 23rd, 2020. The volunteers informed fans that the game was carbon neutral, because offsets were purchased to mitigate the emissions caused by the game. They also shared recycling tips, handed out green paw print tattoos, and hyped up the fans as they entered Gampel Pavilion!

Green Game Day at Rentschler Field (Fall 2019)

Green Game Day 2019

Student interns from the Office of Sustainability pose for a group photo at the annual football Green Game Day at Rentschler Field in fall 2019. Volunteers joined the interns to help collect recyclables in the tailgate lots before the football game and to encourage fans to recycle properly!

Green Game Day at Gampel Pavillion (2018)

Green Game Day 2018

The Office of Sustainability, volunteers, EcoHouse, and UConn Athletics combined forces under the lights at Gampel Pavillion to put on Green Game Day. This event promoted environmental stewardship while contributing to the festive atmosphere of a college basketball game. Volunteers advertised campus sustainability at the doors and "manned the cans", asking fans to recycle. A total of 584 and 510 bottles were collected at the women's and men's basketball games respectively. These bottles were all recycled for a total profit of $54.70, which was donated directly to the Campus Sustainability Fund.

Past Green Game Days