2015 Paris Climate Conference Hub #UConnTalksClimate

The University of Connecticut sent twelve students, four faculty, and two representatives from the Office of Environmental Policy to Paris for events relating to the COP21 Climate Summit. This cohort of students, staff, and faculty will attend several climate change related events and programs including the Global Landscapes Forum, EarthUniversity, and Solutions COP21.

In Response to COP21

Blogs from UConn@COP21 inspired plenty of comments, emails and tweets from colleagues and friends, and even lengthier reflections from a few of our readers.


Meet the Students

Click here to check out profiles of the students that traveled to Paris with UConn.

Faculty Highlights

Mark Urban, faculty co-chair of UConn @COP21 recently co-authored an article for The New York Times:

T-Shirt Weather in the Arctic (with UConn video), Published by The New York Times, February 5th, 2016

UConn@COP21 News and Blogs

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UConn Co-Sponsored Events in Paris

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