EPAC Energy Workgroup

Workgroup Scope

Efficiency, Conservation, Installations & Retrofits

  • Retro-commissioning existing buildings
  • Energy-efficient appliance purchasing policy
  • Outreach for behavioral change

Renewable Energies

  • Wind, geothermal, solar, fuel cells, biofuels
  • Related Campus Demo Projects

Supply & Infrastructure

  • Cogeneration Facility
  • T&D, steam, water, sewer, sub-metering

2008-2009 Workgroup Initiatives:

On November 19th, 2008, members of the the workgroup attended a showing of the "Green Laboratories: Resource Conservation in Research Settings" webcast. The webcast was sponsored by the UConn Environmental Health & Safety Department and was held at the UConn Health Center Campus in Farmington, CT. Numerous UCHC and Storrs campus faculty, staff and students were in attendance. Workgroup members convened during the winter break to discuss how to potentially implement strategies discussed during the webcast at the UConn Storrs and the UCHC campuses.