Sneaker Recycling

UConn's sneaker recycling program has been suspended as we investigate other opportunities.


During the spring semester, the EcoHusky student group worked with the Office of Enviromental Policy (now Office of Sustainability), Kicks for Africa and Central Stores to collect unwanted sneakers from members of the campus and local community.  Collection bins were placed in the athletic facilities and at predetermined locations throughout campus. These locations included the main lobby of the Library, Co-op, Student Union, Rec Center, Rowe Center (formerly CUE), and the Hawley Armory.

At the conclusion of each spring semester, the sneakers were donated to a non-profit organization.

What kinds of shoes could be donated?

All brands of athletic shoes, as long as they don’t contain any metal (no flip-flops, sandals, pumps, dress shoes or boots).


In previous years, Mt. Sneaker, as it is known on campus, has gotten as big as 4,800 lbs!