Past Green Game Days: 2013

Green Game Day at Rentschler Field, September 14th, 2013

Approximately 35 volunteers from the EcoHouse learning community, the EcoHusky student organization, and the UNIV 1784 Environmental Sustainability class joined forces to promote recycling at the Green Game Day for UConn Football versus Maryland.

GGD - 2013 1The Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) tabled at Fanfest and had a memory game set up with matching single stream recycling items. Both children and adults gathered around the OEP table to play the game and winners were offered a giveaway—carabineers, sunglasses, tattoos, coin purses, and t-shirts. The table also featured information on UConn’s #1 ranking for Sierra’s 2013 Cool Schools Survey.

Volunteers were paired up and assigned a parking lot (blue, red, or gray) to collect recyclables from and directed to educate the fans on the importance of recycling. Tailgaters were very receptive and appreciative of the volunteers’ effort. Overall the event was very successful—fans lined up at the OEP table to learn more about sustainability at UConn and volunteers collected enough recyclables to fill one of Rentschler’s dumpsters.

GGD serves as an opportunity to inform others on how to be more environmentally conscience as well as to introduce volunteers to other students interested in environmental outreach. The OEP will also host a basketball GGD in the winter so stay tuned!