EcoHusky Student Group

Formed in the fall of 2004, EcoHusky is a UConn student group focused on environmental awareness and sustainable living on campus. The group organizes many exciting projects and events in conjunction with the Office of Sustainability and other environmentally-oriented organizations on campus and in the local community. If you are looking to get involved, make friends, learn, and spread awareness about the environment, then EcoHusky may be the club for you!

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EcoHusky Student Group Logo

2019-2020 EcoHusky Officers


Emma MacDonald

Vice President

Mara Tu


Caitlin Daddona


Chase Mack

Advocacy and Activism Chair

Khadija Shaikh


Name Officer Position
Liz Wimpfheimer President of Communications
Emma MacDonald President of Services
Travis Kornegay Vice President
Mara Tu Treasurer
Spencer Bennett Secretary
Lauren Roper Advocacy and Activism Chair


Name Officer Position
Sabit Nasir President of Communications
Nikki Pirtel President of Services
Julia Lindblom Vice President
Mara Tu Treasurer
Liz Wimpfheimer Secretary


Name Officer Position
Christen Bellucci President of Communications
Adrianna Antigiovanni President of Services
Eddie McInerney Vice President
Katie Mae Main Treasurer
Julia Peay Secretary


Name Officer Position
Christen Bellucci  President of Communications
Adrianna Antigiovanni  President of Services
Hannah Casey  VP of PR
Katie Mae Main Treasurer
Jessica Griffin Secretary


Name Officer Position
 Kerrin Kinnear  President of Communications
Caitlin O'Donnel   President of Services
Marisa Kaplita  VP of PR
Brianna Church  Treasurer
Jessica August  Secretary


Name Officer Position
 Emily McInerny  President
Shilpa Kolli   VP of Service
Kelly Morrissey  VP of PR
Paige Gregory  Treasurer
Caitlin O'Donnel  Secretary


Name Officer Position
 Jessica French  President
Kerrin Kinnear   Vice President of PO
Shilpa Kolli  VP of Service
Kelly Morrissey  Treasurer
Emily McInerny  Secretary



Name Officer Position
 Kathy Tsantiris  President
Laura Dunn  Vice President
Skyler Marinoff Treasurer
Christina Tobitsch Secretary
Tim Brogan Advertising Director


Name Officer Position
 Fiona Stewart  President
Catherine Pomposi  Vice President
Skyler Marinoff Treasurer
Chris Oprica Secretary
Kathy Tsantiris Advertising Director


Name Officer Position
 Emily Galanto  Co-Coordinator
Kayleigh Lombardi  Co-Coordinator
Catherine Pomposi  Steward
Aaron Grade  Treasurer
Kathy Tsantiris  Secretary
Matthew Tumpney  Director of Creative Affairs