EcoCaptain Program Overview

EcoCaptains serve as paid sustainability champions and ambassadors for the OS. In collaboration with ResLife, this programs allows for EcoCaptains to lead sustainability related programming and educational activities in their residence halls. Keep an eye out for communications from your Residence Hall’s EcoCaptain for more ways to get involved and learn about UConn’s sustainability initiatives! Below are some of responsibilities of an EcoCaptain:

  • Work 5 hours per week
  • Attend monthly EcoCaptain meetings
  • Provide weekly updates to OS Staff and Interns
  • Participate in EcoCaptain training and group activities
  • Participate and encourage student participation in Office of Sustainability led events and programming such as EcoMadness, RecycleThon, Green Game Days, and Hillside Environmental Education Park (HEEP) trail events
  • Distribute Recycling Bags and Sustainability Activity books to residents
  • Lead sustainability education and engagement activities in residence halls beyond those initiated by the OS, examples include:
    • Weekly recycling audits and scoring
    • Monthly hall meetings about different topics related to sustainability
    • Environmental film screenings or movie nights, discussion forums, guest speakers
    • EcoCaptain “office hours” where people can ask questions about sustainability or give suggestions
    • Educational flyers, social media, etc.
    • Weekly tips for living more sustainably
    • Volunteer clean-up events
    • Week-long or one-day events or activities, such as a “power-down” day or other fun competitions

If you live on campus and are interested in leading sustainability related initiatives in your residence hall, please apply at:

Contact for more information.

      Meet the EcoCaptains!

      Dwana Masheck


      Major: Undecided
      Year Joined OS: Fall 2022
      Residence Hall: Towers

      Extracurricular Activities:

        • UConnSis
        • Husky Ambassador


        • Shopping
        • Working out
        • Trying New Foods





        Matthew Barrows


        Major: Communications
        Year Joined OS: Fall 2022
        Residence Hall: Charter Oak

        Extracurricular Activities:

          • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
          • Alpha Sigma Phi


          • Skiing
          • Running
          • Traveling
          • Biking




          Amanda LoMonte

          Majors: Biological Sciences and Philosophy
          Minors: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
          Year Joined OS: Fall 2021
          Residence Hall: Hilltop Halls

          Extracurricular Activities:

            • Senior Resident Assistant
            • EcoCaptain (2nd year)
            • Development Coordinator for Kesem at UConn
            • UConn Law Society
            • UConn Alpha Omega Secretary
            • UConn Club Track (UCCTF)
            • Undergraduate Philosophy Society
            • Chipotle Employee for 2 years


            • Running/Working Out
            • Cooking & Baking
            • Cats
            • Gardening for 8+ years
            • Traveling