Coordinator’s Corner: Everywhere you look…

Since I started working at the OEP in May I’ve learned a lot and worked on a lot of different projects.  I expected to be busy, and I expected gain a new perspective on how sustainability works at UConn.  What I didn’t expect was how sustainability would change the way I see EVERYTHING!

When I walk through campus, or through town, I notice every time I see a trash can without a recycling bin next to it.  On my walk from my other office in Oak hall to where I park, there are 8 trashcans without recycling containers within easy reach.  I ended up carrying a soda can all the way to my car so that I could recycle it at home, rather than putting it in the trash.  When I went to a conference in Boston, I stayed at a Doubletree Hotel and appreciated that their trash bins actually had separate containers for trash and recycling (and mentioned it to the front desk).  When I see someone go to throw something recyclable away, I try to stop them and direct them to the correct bin.

When people complain about something (like they lack a recycling bin in their office or at the band field) or  ask questions about something, like they don’t know why our power plant is called the co-gen, I have solutions and answers.

It’s really exciting learning how everything actually runs at UConn, and it’s really empowering to be able to help address problems, or answer questions, instead of just sitting around talking about something.