Meet Brianna!

We’re welcoming some new interns here at the OEP!

Brianna Church is a part-time intern at the Office of Environmental Policy. She has already hit the ground running this summer! She is starting her second year at UConn as an Environmental Engineering major in the Honors Program.  She learned about the OEP when she took a freshman honors class with Rich Miller on environmental sustainability.  She was excited to apply for an internship position with the OEP because of her interest in sustainability and the important experience working at the OEP provides.  At the OEP, Brianna will be focusing on outreach events.  She’s not entirely sure which area of environmental engineering will be her focus, but outreach is essential for all programs to promote environmental change.

“I have always wanted to pursue a career that would enable me to help people but for a long time I was unsure of which path would be most rewarding and most fitting for me. It was in the seventh grade that I discovered my dream job. That year my school hosted a presentation given by two members of the Connecticut chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. The younger of the two was an environmental engineering major. After describing the technology that she and her colleagues managed to design, and even implement in another country, I knew exactly what field I wanted to pursue. I had always had a love for animals and the natural environment. In addition, I was strong in math and science and have always tried to understand how things work. It was clear that environmental engineering was, and still is, a perfect fit for me.”

Brianna Church
Brianna Church

“I cannot wait to meet and work alongside of all of you here at the Office of Environmental Policy and am very grateful for this opportunity. Additionally I am very excited to get some hands on experience in my field.”

Welcome aboard, Brianna!  Look for her face at OEP events this fall!