Meet Our New OEP Intern Meredith!

Hi! My name is Meredith Hillmon and I am the newest Office of Environmental Policy Intern. I am an undergraduate student, working towards a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science. I was first notified about the OEP internship position opening through my professor for the Physical Geography course I am currently enrolled in, Jeanne Thibeault. She posted a notice on the course HuskyCT page and encouraged any student with a major or an interest in environmental science to try for the position. I saw the opportunity as one I had to seize, and I knew that I had nothing to lose by simply trying. I also knew that being able to work for the OEP would be an amazing, enlightening experience that I would definitely never regret pursuing. I can say now that I am thrilled to see that my determination was rewarded.

My interest in environmental science first emerged during high school, namely my freshman year. I was already a member of my school’s student council, as well as one or two volunteering and community service clubs, a tutoring club, and even the yoga club. But, even still, I wanted to be a part of something different. While I loved being a part of community service groups, I was starting to wish to become a part of a different kind of community service, and my sights turned to my high school’s environmental club.  I discovered a new-found love for helping the community as well as the environment, and the idea of being proactive towards the challenge of climate change.

My love for the environment and for environmental science has only escalated since then. The courses I am enrolled in further my interest, and I am completely confident that my new internship will provide the same. I am truly looking forward to the time I will be spending with the OEP and as a new member of EcoHusky. The experience and knowledge I will gain from this position is bound to be incredible.


Editor’s Note: Much of Meredith’s work will be focused on the technical side of our sustainability initiatives, including EcoMadness data management and our annual greenhouse gas inventory. We’re excited to have her on board – welcome to OEP, Meredith!

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