University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System: Water Quality and the Home Landscape

Sustainable Landscaping: Healthy Environments

Restore the balance

by Carl Salsedo, Ph.D

Extension Educator, Horticulture

Tending to one small piece of Earth with all of nature in mind has the benefits that go well beyond reducing the time, labor and money spent long term on landscape management. Natural forest and meadow ecosystems have been around for thousands of years. Their plants have experienced and survived a host of environmental changes.

By making some changes in our own backyards, it is possible to work with the natural systems rather than imposing an artificial system that requires constant maintenance and inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. One small plot of land may not seem significant, but as more home landscape managers choose to make these sorts of changes, the overall effect will have a very positive effect, both in the local neighborhood and the environment as a whole.